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hi5 is near to release hi5 Flirt.

A Flirt profile is a mini profile that you can use to describe yourself in a romantic matchmaking setting.
hi5 Flirt is a fun, romantic feature for interacting with other members around flirty photos, etc..

Each request is 100 coins. It will be more expensive if you attach a gift ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t forget that you can keep your eyes in the Next coming hi5 features list, updated everytime there are news.

In this article:
1. hi5 Flirt screenshot
2. hi5 Flirt in Photos
3. hi5 Flirt – Browse
4. hi5 Flirt – Flirt Request
5. hi5 Photo Compliments (already released)

1. hi5 Flirt screenshot

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