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So… anything new? hi5 Games.

It’s been a while since hi5 has nothing new to release. Also, the last two major updates were rolled back some days after. The first, when they made big internal (hidden) changes to the header (fixing some privacy bugs) and updated some page layouts to combine with the new homepage, has been rolled out because of performance issues. Deleting favorite profiles and some other random pages became broken, but they didn’t fix that when they fully released this version. The second, featuring hi5 Games on homepage, has been rolled back too because they found that space is the most effective for the email importer. Also, people have complained of the missing Online Now feature on homepage, but the reason hi5 had removed this section is because of Messenger, that shows you (almost) all online people.

Anyway, in the meantime they make a fix for this major version (not released yet), they are releasing hi5 Flirt (which you have to pay hi5 Coins to send a flirt request) and some premium (spensored) hi5 Games. At the moment, only 2 are available: RockYou Pets and Poker Palace.

RockYou Pets
In RockYou Pets, the idea is easy: care of your pet, dress up with accessories and batle with your friends. You start with a tutorial, so you’ll learn well how to play the game.

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